Calls for Faculty Proposals!

The MIT Programs in the Digital Humanities are pleased to announce several opportunities for faculty to collaborate with the DH lab in the coming semesters:

Our Faculty Fellowships in Digital Humanities enable semester-long partnerships between SHASS faculty and the lab's staff and UROPs to develop digital tools and computational methods to advance humanistic or social scientific inquiry or to create new pedagogical resources. Accepted proposals will receive funding for one subject of teaching replacement and a substantial portion of the lab’s research time for one semester. Final deliverables include open-source code, websites, databases, and interactive tools. In order to facilitate planning, we are now accepting applications for AY22 and AY23! Applications are due February 1, 2021.

Our new Affiliated Faculty-UROP Program provides support and community for faculty and UROPs working on research projects across SHASS. Affiliated faculty will be able to consult with DH staff about technical questions and project management; UROP recruitment, advising, and retention; and establishing long-term sustainability of technical projects. UROPs working on affiliated projects will be invited to join the DH UROP cohort through regular open “hack hours” and office hours and to present their work at an end-of-semester research showcase. Applications for Spring and Summer are due December 15, 2020.

Our FUMP (Fund for Unfashionable Maintenance of digital Projects) Grants and Small Grants for Digital Projects in Teaching or Research support maintenance of existing projects and the development of new ones. Applications are rolling and will be reviewed periodically.

We welcome faculty at all levels of technical expertise to meet with DH staff to discuss proposal ideas. No prior experience is required to participate in our programs. Email to set up a meeting today!