Democracy in Africa

Faculty Fellow: Evan Lieberman, Professor of Political Science

Simulations can empower students by providing hands-on engagement with concepts that are otherwise abstract or theoretical. Researchers and policy-makers can use simulations to understand how models play out under a variety of starting conditions. Evan Lieberman, Professor of Political Science, and DH will work together to build simulations and games arounds topics affecting democratic development in Africa, which will be paired with Professor Lieberman’s popular online course 17.571x “Democratic Development in Africa”.

A young man voting at a voting booth

Student Team

  • Melissa Calvert

  • Angelica Castillejos

  • Crista Falk

  • Benjamin Gao

  • Montserrat Garza

  • Michelle He

  • Meesue Kim

  • Amy Lei

  • Ning-Er Lei

  • Felix Li

  • Jason Lin

  • Ivy Mao

  • Mayowa Songonuga

  • Justice Vidal

  • Dylan Weber

  • Jordan Wilke

  • Samantha York

  • Ophelia Zhu

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