Tèkó: An Archive of Nigerian Technology

Kanyinsola Obayan, Postdoctoral Fellow

Work in progress during Summer 2022.

Researchers will create an interactive website that tells the story of the personal computer boom in Lagos, Nigeria. Using newspaper articles, oral history interviews, videos, and photos, the project will create a digital archive to show how early technologists drove the wave of computerization that transformed the Nigerian industrial landscape and laid the foundation for the eventual consumerization of digital technology in the 2000s. The research team will contribute both technical expertise and original research.

Image credit: Dr. Blofeld, 2010, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Location map of Lagos, Nigeria.

Student Team

  • Keilee Northcutt

  • Alexis Yi

  • Irina Zoccolini

  • Yeabsira Moges

  • Karen Andre

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