The Reading Redux

Faculty Fellow: Sandy Alexandre, Associate Professor of Literature

If we can simulate the experience of rereading a specific text, what useful information can we gather about how readers rethink, clarify, and nuance their thoughts about or their interpretations of that text? Associate Professor of Literature, Sandy Alexandre, and the DH Lab will collaborate on this project to investigate these and other questions around close reading and rereading texts, using computational tools to gather and analyze the data.

Photograph of two young girls eating lunch in a school cafeteria

Student Team

  • Kidist Adamu

  • Ife Ademolu-Odeneye

  • Melissa Calvert

  • Angelica Castillejos

  • Stephan Ducrepin

  • Crista Falk

  • Benjamin Gao

  • Raquel Garcia

  • Montserrat Garza

  • Michelle He

  • Meesue Kim

  • Amy Lei

  • Felix Li

  • Jason Lin

  • Ivy Mao

  • Sage Maxwell

  • Catherine Mei

  • Sergio Perez

  • Parul Singh

  • Mayowa Songonuga

  • Justice Vidal

  • Christina Wang

  • Dylan Weber

  • Jordan Wilke

  • Jessica Wu

  • Angel Yang

  • Funing Yang

  • Samantha York

  • Sirena Yu

  • Katherine Zeng

  • Ophelia Zhu

  • Ning-Er Lei

  • Peter Choza

  • Ankita Devasia

  • Jawad Yousef

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