DH Affiliated Researcher-UROP Projects (Spring 2023)

The MIT Programs in Digital Humanities are pleased to invite applications for Spring 2023's DH Affiliated Researcher-UROP Program.

  • Do you have an idea for a digital project, or a project in progress, that you would like to work on with UROPs?
  • Do you need help managing UROPs and connecting them to others working on research in the humanities, arts, and social sciences across SHASS and MIT?
  • Would your project benefit from technical and project management guidance from the teaching staff of the Programs in Digital Humanities?

Our Affiliated Researcher-UROP Program provides support and community for faculty and other research staff and UROPs working on research projects across SHASS.

DH staff will work with affiliated researchers on technical questions and project management; UROP recruitment, advising, and retention; and establishing long-term sustainability of technical projects.

UROPs working on affiliated projects will form the DH UROP cohort. They’ll meet for regular open “hack hours” and office hours, weekly workshop sessions, and to present their work at an end-of-semester research showcase.

We anticipate selecting 4-6 projects for this spring and plan on matching each project with about 4 DH UROPs.

This program is open to all SHASS researchers of any rank, including graduate students. Please contact digitalhumanities@mit.edu if you have any questions about the program. No prior coding or DH experience is necessary.

You can learn about past affiliated projects here.

Applications for Spring 2023 are due December 16, 2022.

Apply by filling in this (very brief!) Google form.