Advancing the humanities with code, communication, and community.

We are a vibrant community of practitioners who use state-of-the-art digital tools to enrich education and research in the humanities. Our programs integrate digital and humanities education, teaching, and research.

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  • 1. Code Enhancing the humanities through programming.

    Code in the Mellon-funded programs in Digital Humanities centers on an undergraduate-focused Laboratory for Digital Humanities (dhmit) that creates computer tools for solving problems in the humanities. In the lab, students harness their skills in computer science and programming to advance the state of knowledge in the humanities and to help empower less technically adept researchers and enthusiasts to use digital tools on their own. All code from the project is open source and hosted on GitHub.

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  • 2. Communication Faculty & Student Research

    The Programs in Digital Humanities supports a DH-focused, collaboration-based seed grant program that allows Faculty and Staff to be in residence in the lab and work closely with undergraduate students, postdocs, and technical professionals to create projects related to their research and teaching. Faculty and students learn to speak each other's language, students learn the joys and difficulties of faculty research interests, and, by communicating at each stage of the research and development, avoid the pitfalls that plague so many DH projects.

  • 3. Community MIT, Boston, and graduate engagement.

    The DH programs at MIT host a lecture series and beginning in 2019 visiting scholar residencies and hackathons. Additional undergraduate and graduate courses in DH are planned, culminating in a graduate certificate in Digital Humanities. The community of digital practitioners reflects the rich diversity of the campus and the nation. Inclusivity is a core value of the Programs in Digital Humanities at MIT.


Undergraduate Research: UROP

The Digital Humanities Lab works with a cohort 30-40 undergraduate research associates (UROPs) every semester. These students build their programming skills as they create new tools that address pressing questions in the humanities. In 2021-2022, UROPs will have the opportunity to work on sonification, visual analysis, machine learning, mapping, and more! UROPs connect with faculty, expert programmers, and fellow undergraduate researchers as they collaborate on creative solutions to interdisciplinary challenges. Applications for our Fall 2021 UROP are now closed, and we will next have spaces available for Spring 2022.

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Members of the lab working together on their computers

Faculty Research

Every year, the Programs in Digital Humanities at MIT invite faculty and teaching staff of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences to propose projects to conduct in the lab the following year. DH Faculty Fellows work closely with UROPs, postdocs, and the lab’s technical staff to create innovative digital projects to further their research and teaching. Through deep collaboration and ongoing communication, faculty and students produce cutting-edge digital humanities research tools.

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Enhancing the humanities through programming.

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