Sonification Toolkit

Faculty Fellow: Evan Ziporyn, Professor of Music

The DH Lab will develop a 'sonification toolkit,' flexible digital tools that will enable conversion of data sets (images, text, statistics) into sound in ways that quickly yield results. These tools will allow users to easily modify and adapt the ways the data is expressed to design and sculpt sound that is aesthetically satisfying and analytically illuminating. UROPs will define and develop a range of practices, then devise digital tools to quickly transform data sets of all types into a variety of sonified results.

Spectrograph of audio generated from sonification

Student Team

  • Angelina Wu

  • Binh Pham

  • Dev Chheda

  • Eesha Banerjee

  • Emeka Echezona

  • Erin Liu

  • Esther Faith Kinyanjui

  • Felix Li

  • Grace Jau

  • Grace McMillan

  • Irina Zoccolini

  • Jackie Lin

  • Jessica Boye-Doe

  • Leanne Shen

  • Melanie Lin

  • Moises Trejo

  • Peihua Huang

  • Quincy Johnson

  • Rumi Lee

  • Sydney Nguyen

  • Yifan Wang

  • Christian Scarlett

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