This Was Paris in 1970

Faculty Fellow: Catherine Clark, Associate Professor of History and French Studies

In 1970’s Paris, a photography competition, hosted to capture the city before rapid industrial change altered it permanently, received 100,000 submissions. How can we leverage the perspective that computers bring to such a substantial visual dataset with such a quantity of images? How can they help to facilitate rich historical and formal readings not just of a single photo, but of images numbering in the tens of thousands? Catherine Clark, Associate Professor of History and French Studies, and the DH Lab are working together to enhance our understanding of the "This was Paris in 1970" digital archive and realize the potential of computer vision and machine learning techniques in the study of photography.

Photograph of a street in Paris in 1970, submitted to the

Student Team

  • Adanna Abraham-Igwe

  • Tolulope (Tolu) Akinbo

  • Eesha Banerjee

  • Shara Bhuiyan

  • Joshua Feliciano

  • Raquel Garcia

  • Montserrat Garza

  • Michelle He

  • Peihua Huang

  • Nicole Khaimov

  • Felix Li

  • Jackie Lin

  • Jason Lin

  • Ning-Er Lei

  • Radha Patel

  • Lydia Patterson

  • Justice Vidal

  • Rona Wang

  • Yifan Wang

  • Dylan Weber

  • Jordan Wilke

  • Funing Yang

  • Samantha York

  • Hilary Zen

  • Vicky Zheng

  • Alexis Ponce Castillo

  • Nina (Yihong) Li

  • Thiago Veloso de Souza

  • Angelina Wu

  • Ayden Johnson

  • Cindy Zheng

  • Daniel Fleming

  • Jawad Yousef

  • Nadia Frieden

  • Nisha Nkya

  • Quincy Johnson

  • Stephan Ducrepin

  • Amanda Paredes Rioboo

  • Amber Lien

  • Bukunmi Shodipo

  • David Chaudhari

  • Disha Kohli

  • Irina Zoccolini

  • Jade Durham

  • Jeffrey Kwon

  • Kamau Njendu

  • Kelly Fang

  • Kingston Lew

  • Lisa Li-Liang

  • Maggie Yao

  • Mena Filfil

  • Sawasan

  • Supriya Lall

  • Suzanne Jiang

  • Vivian Clarissah Chinoda

  • Xuefei Yu

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