Emerging Technologies for Language Learning

Faculty Fellow: Takako Aikawa, Senior Lecturer in Global Languages

How might language learning technologies developed at a distance help shape pedagogy in a hybrid future? Approaches to this question are at the heart of the DH Lab’s current project led by our Spring 2021 Faculty Fellow, Takako Aikawa, Senior Lecturer in Japanese in Global Languages. Aikawa, the DH Lab, and its UROPs will learn to harness the power of computational linguistics while seeking to understand the challenges of language pedagogy from both students’ and teachers’ perspectives in order to create pedagogically valuable software. Their goal is to create a web application for remote language teaching to be used at MIT and beyond.

Verb conjugation application

Student Team

  • Adanna Abraham-Igwe

  • Tolulope (Tolu) Akinbo

  • Shara Bhuiyan

  • Tony Cui

  • Joshua Feliciano

  • Peihua Huang

  • Nicole Khaimov

  • Ning-Er Lei

  • Jason Lin

  • Jackie Lin

  • Lydia Patterson

  • Justice Vidal

  • Yifan Wang

  • Jordan Wilke

  • Funing Yang

  • Samantha York

  • Montserrat Garza

  • Vicky Zheng

  • Angelica Castillejos

  • Raxel Gutierrez

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