Legacies of Camp

Corey Masao Johnson, Postdoctoral Fellow

This research focuses on identifying current barriers to accessing digital collections within archives and special collections, critically assessing technology solutions for closing the accessibility divide. In Fall 2021, a team of UROPs analyzed War Relocation Authority Form 26, an extensive (and potentially invasive) record of the 120,000 individuals of Japanese descent sent to American incarceration camps during World War II—the majority of whom were American citizens. With over two million data points, this dataset was released by the National Archives in the 1980s as a csv file. Largely unstudied for several decades, it is now readily accessible over the agency’s website. UROPS assessed how this potentially sensitive demographic information could be presented to public audiences and created a series of visualizations from this dataset.

Detailed bar graph plotting Year Born to Highest Education of Residents. X axis equals year (1860 to 1940), Y axis equals number of residents (0 to 4000). Graph is color-coded to show primary, secondary, or university education, with different colors for those schooled in the U.S., Japan, or another country.

Student Team

  • Sharaf Rashid

  • C. Powers

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